New Generation

BaseQi Design

introducing the fastest portable SSD for MacBooks 

ThunderBolt 3 Portable SSD TB3

Need More Space on your Macbook?

Insert any brand ( except Lexar ) of MicroSDXC card into your Ninja Stealth Drive and increase the storage space up to 1TB on the fly!

Baseqi is a team of talented designers and passionate Mac lovers who are looking to solve this problem with style. Our Ninja Stealth Drive is a completely hidden MicroSD Adapter that fits perfectly into your Macbook!

Completely hidden
within your Macbook

Do you hate SD cards protruding out from your mac? We think it’s inconvenient and ugly too!

Backup and save important files onto your Ninja Stealth Drive and never worry about unexpected accidents that will damage your hard-drive!

Patented tool-less design

Simply insert and pull out Ninja Stealth Drive with the tip of your finger!

We have designed an easy way to take this seamless MicroSD adapter out of your Macbook. Unlike other hidden drives that requires tools to retrieve, anyone can use their nail and pull out our hidden Ninja Stealth Drive instantaneously!

Stylish aluminum crafted
with CNC technology

Our Ninja Stealth Drive is designed to match your Apple Macbook perfectly.

We have selected the highest grade of aluminum and crafted them using the advanced CNC milling process. It has the identical finish as all of your Apple products.